Green Life Business Announces A Massive Cultivation Facility

The American cannabis industry has continued to have steady and consistent growth in 2021. According to New Cannabis Ventures, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As) within the cannabis space were projected to soar in the year 2021. Federal legalization on the horizon has increased interest and demand from operators outside of the cannabis industry. In the more recent months California has been known to be the hotbed for M&As. Rather than going through a time consuming application and approval process by local and state ordinances; MSOs (multi-state operators) have found success in acquiring Turn-key business opportunities through brokers. These cannabis opportunities have opened the doors to acquisitions in retail, delivery, cultivation, manufacturing and distribution businesses and licenses.

Green Life Business Group ended Q4 of 2020 on a high note selling 12 cannabis businesses. In Q1 of 2021 Green Life Business sold 8 cannabis businesses and is currently on track to surpass Q1 sales in Q2. Green Life Business has represented cannabis businesses from all across the spectrum within the state and has successfully been labeled by many as the leaders in the industry.

Green Life Business Group’s continued success has triggered the representation of a massive 45,000 Sq Ft (Potentially 110,000 Sq Ft with future build outs currently approved and permitted) cultivation facility in San Bernardino Countywith a price of $109M. This newly built facility is on pace to generate revenues of $29M with an astonishing EBITDA of $20M. San Bernardino County wants to establish itself as a hotbed for large-scale cultivation and innovation in cannabis. This cultivation facility has set the bar for indoor cultivation sites.

In the recent months, Green Life Business has continued to receive representation inquiries from operators and cannabis business owners outside of the state of California. Steady domination and demand for the company has sparked the announcement of Green Life’s expansion of its footprint to other states wherein cannabis is legal. As the industry continues to grow and become more ubiquitous, M&As have, and will, continue to be a driving factor for competitive growth and aggressive expansion in the cannabis industry. In the upcoming months and years Green Life Business will meet this demand and establish a presence in all legal cannabis markets across the United States.


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