High EBITDA Cannabis Opportunities Still Exist In California

The cannabis industry has been in turmoil in recent years. In California, high taxes, fire sales and a drop in the price per pound are just some of the factors that have operators looking to cash out and run for the exits.

As the storm begins to clear in 2024, many California businesses — especially retailers — have continued to thrive through the turbulence. These seasoned operators and businesses have learned to pivot and maneuver through unprecedented times and lead their companies to strong revenue and high earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) years.

Three Prime Examples of High-EBITDA Cannabis Retail Business In California: 

  1. Best location in Orange County: Cannabis Dispensary Call for Offers Auction Feb. 29 (Santa Ana, California)
  • 2023 revenue: $21 million
  • 2023 EBITDA: $6.45 million
  1. 2 Highly Profitable Cannabis Dispensary Businesses for Sale (Sacramento Area, California)
  • 2023 gross sales: $34.3 million
  • 2023 net profit: $6 million
  • 2022 gross sales: $29.8 million
  • 2022 net profit: $4.2 million

Do you know of any dispensaries in California that are reporting better results in 2023 versus 2022? Both topline and net have increased year over year for this business. 

  1. Fully Operational Cannabis Dispensary and Delivery Business For Sale in Desirable City In Riverside County (Riverside County, California)
  • 2023 gross revenues: $10 million
  • 2023 net revenue: $2 million

Data proves that high-EBITDA opportunities are still available in markets across California. To view more opportunities visit greenlifebusiness.net. For more information call or text Drew at 619-653-0483 or email at ceo@glbgroupinc.com


2024 February 12th .High EBITDA Cannabis Opportunities Still Exist In California. Benzinga

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