Marijuana Edibles Make the List of Top 10 Food Trends This Year

Cannabis edibles cracked the list of top 10 food trends predicted for this year by a panel of experts writing for the Specialty Food Association.

Marijuana edibles sits at eight on the list, amid other predicted trends such as:

  • Plant-based food, including algae as a meat substitute
  • Filipino cuisine
  • Goth food, such as activated charcoal (heating coconut shells until they are carbonized)
  • Shakshuka, grilled haloumi and other Middle Eastern foods that go beyond the now-ubiquitous hummus, pita and falafel

Cannabis edibles have a bright future as the panel of experts predicted “continued interest and acceptance in a host of snacks, treats and beverages with a little something extra.” That next trip to Trader Joe’s could become a lot more interesting.

The Rise of Edibles

The effects of marijuana edibles tend to be stronger and longer lasting than smoking weed, which caused problems in early days with novice cannabis users. In its 2017 State of Cannabis report released earlier this year, California marijuana delivery company Eaze reported that edible sales have increased as more people learn best practices for proper dosing.

Eaze, using information from a database of 350,000 customers and a survey of 15,000, reported that Generation Xers ordered the most edibles, followed by Generation Z, millennials and baby boomers. In another sign of the growing interest in edibles, a California company raised $6 million in funding to start an edibles production company in the Golden State. Plus Products will offer “cannabis-infused projects.”

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