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Pot Stars is an exclusive experience for anyone that is looking to enter the Cannabis Industry in California. Pot Stars is run by a conglomerate of industry professionals that recognize a gap in the cannabis educational service industry.

This experience will accelerate the knowledge and know-how needed to avoid the “trial and errors” that many newcomers face. Not just individuals, but many private and public companies face these similar problems everyday!

Due to the fact that the cannabis industry is still considered the “wild west”, constantly transforming, changing, rules and regulations at all levels of government.

Pot Stars side by side hundreds of successful cannabis business owners from around the country, assist individuals and companies understand the rules and unwritten rules of the Cannabis Market in California, achieve faster growth, in order to obtain greater profits! The most important aspect of the industry is the operational experience, “the magic Sauce” on what separates the big players from the small ones. This business is much more complex than providing high quality medicine at cheap prices there are so many detailed things you must do day in and day out whether it is running a dispensary, a cultivation or even a distribution business.

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Our Pot Stars staff range from Business Owners who are true operators, Attorneys, CPAs, METRC Compliance Officers and much much more. Hopefully after attending our service you have a clear understanding of the industry with new tools and resources in your arsenal to start a dispensary, expand your distribution footprint or roll up your assets and cash out!

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