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Now is the time to consider obtaining an objective comparative market analysis of the value of your cannabis business.  Greenlife Business sells more cannabis businesses than any other company in California.  We have sales data and expertise in analyzing all the factors–inventory, good will, net sales, market multipliers–to arrive at an accurate appraisal of your cannabis business that typically results in a successful sale within 60 days.

We are also well informed on the upcoming impact of legalized recreational use of cannabis, how it will affect the medical side of the business model, and what opportunities will unfold in the near future.

Marijuana sales on the medical side have increased by 132% in the state of California since 2010, and promise to just keep going at this skyrocketing rate for the foreseeable future.  

We don’t get paid anything until we sell your business.  If you own a Dispensary, a Delivery Service, a Grow Operation, Vape or Edible Operation, we have investors with the financial wherewithal to handle transaction size from $300,000 to $1,000,000+!  

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