Step right up for your Commercial Cannabis Activity Permit

ARCATA – The City of Arcata will issue Provisional Commercial Cannabis Activity Permits (CCAP’s) to assist business owners who plan to apply for State of California licensing before a CCAP is issued.

A Provisional CCAP will be issued to business owners who fulfill requirements which include a  completed application form with applicable fees; proof of site control; owner, management, and key employee identification; and description of operations. In addition, an applicant must meet Police Department compliance, and the property must meet zoning and use conditions.

For detailed information and requirements, interested parties should contact Edith Rosen with the City of Arcata. Business owners who have submitted a CCAP application which fulfills the above requirements, but have yet to be issued a CCAP, are eligible to obtain a Provisional CCAP.

The city expects to begin issuing these provisional permits by the end of the year.

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